Always sublime,

sometimes ridiculous.


“Brilliant, brought tears to my eyes”

— Clare, Melbourne show, 2018

Mother, Opera Singer, Comedienne,
Lover of Wine and Cherry Ripes (in that order)

Emily Burke will thrill you with an evening of songs and stories that have formed part of her journey to the footlights. The Hits, The Misses, and the copious amounts of under-eye concealer that elevated her to the status of..…

Diva – Always sublime, sometimes ridiculous.


6pm Sun 24 Nov 2019 | Brisbane | Wonderland Festival buy tickets

Expect Opera,* Expect Wine,** Expect comedy!***  

Catch her for a night of laughter and beautiful music– she might even sing the song about Tasmania and she’s not too proud to jump out of a cake. ****

* No boring bits
** I would
*** Whilst drinking wine
**** As long as it contains gluten.

What happens when you cross and Opera Singer with a Comedienne? Just about All the high notes and hilarity you can take…

Check out this video to find out the truth about Diva – always sublime, sometimes rediculous.

Extraordinary, I’m now a groupie for life.
– Sonya, Melbourne show, 2018

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